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Serving the mold making and plastics industry for over 40 years!
Serving the mold making and plastics industry for over 40 years!

Mobil Flexx Fiber Laser Welding System

WHEN FLEXIBILITY AND DEPENDABILITY COUNT: If you want to be prepared for everything, the Mobile Flexx II should be with you. Building off of all the benefits of the original Mobile Flexx, but built using a FSS Diode pump to produce the laser. This means virtually zero maintenance, and even greater flexibility and maneuverability. You have full microprocessor control for all movements and the full synchronization of lasers and movements. So it doesn’t matter whether you work inside of the shop on a table or on location on a huge mold. – the Mobile Flexx II will be the the professional solution to get your job done.

MATERIAL APPLICATIONS: Most tool steels including: Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, Beryllium, etc.

Precisely controls axis movements: This extends manual welding by its sophisticated automatic and programable functions. Touchscreen and Joystick terminals directly in your workspace provide a unique, simple control concept. Thanks to the completely integrated hardware, a separate computer is not needed.

Pulse Distance Synchronization:Provides a constant pulse overlapping through the dynamic synchronization of the pulse trigger with the axis movement. PDS ensures replicable welding results with different speeds and consistent, homogenous weld joints in all movement situations. Therefore, a higher operating speed can be reached.

Teach-In Programming: Enables the handling of complicated geometries in four axis without complex programming. A small number of support points are hit once on the contour of the work piece in advance. The user can subsequently move the programmed welding line forward and backward using the joystick and can also shift its position by offsetting the start point.

3PCD: With the 3 Point Cycle Definition you can process circular type contours by using the PCD function with the XY axis. The circular path is precisely defined through the teaching of only three support points. You do not need to know the center or the diameter; the position on the work piece is optional. You can move along the programmed course either forward or backward by using the joystick.

Rotating Access Add-On: Specially developed turning units increase the user value of your workstation. They incorporate all functions of CAN-Step control, available at the touch of a button, including pulse synchronization and “Teach-in” programming.

Additional features: • Swivel-mounted • Free implementation up to Ø40 mm • different chuck types, chucking range up to Ø 160 mm.

Pulse Width Modulation: In the lower power range, which depends upon high stability, traditional lasers are inclinined toward a low „pulse to pulse stability“ and thus to a non-uniform welding result. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) gives a vastly more fine and stable coordination, as the internal energy supply here works in the area of the optimal output.

Pulse Shaping: Free pulse shaping enables the setting and saving of all possible variations in the pulse process. Materials with different thermal coefficients of expansion thus show a clearly better welding behavior – your laser´s area of application thus expands.

On Axis Light: This allows you to see into deep crevices or holes which would be in darkness if lateral illumination were used. The illumination comes alongside the optical beam and always illuminates accurately from above.

On Axis Shielding Gas: Supply A reliable on-axis shielding gas supply enables perfect welding even with highly-sensitive materials, such as titanium, for example. The welded joint is always flooded with shielding gas under 90 degrees. This prevents the sort of shadow effects and swirling which occurs when a lateral gas supply is used.