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Serving the mold making and plastics industry for over 40 years!
Serving the mold making and plastics industry for over 40 years!

ID1 Fiber Laser Welding System


The ID1-Fiber is a pure hands on laser welding machine. Every part of the machine is easily adjustable to allow you the versatility and flexibility you need to meet all of your demands. Because it is created to be manually adjusted, we have eliminated virtually any and all possibility for mechanical failure. 

Featuring: A smaller footprint to fit most any shop space. More pure power per application. Requires almost no maintenance which means less downtime resulting in greater efficiency. Featuring the most head position configurations for greater job flexibility. Overall superior performance in all areas. Simply put this is the machine that every mold shop should bring in-house.

MATERIAL APPLICATIONS: Most tool steels including: Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, Beryllium, etc.

Versatile and Easy To Use: Complete manual adjustments means ease of use in all situations.

Low Maintenance Fiber Laser: Utilizing fiber laser technology removes many of the intricate parts found in typical YAG lasers, leaving a steady, strong and reliable machine requiring virtually no maintenance.

Outstanding Control: Precise manual adjustments allows for superior control in all situations.

Low Wear On Parts: The ability to focus in on specific areas means less wear on your parts, resulting in less downtime and increase in profits.

Ideal for Tooling Applications: Because of its long travel, full 360 degree rotation and manual set up it is the ideal solution for most tooling applications.

Flexibility on Complex Jobs: Because of its unique flexibility and wide range of positions, the ID1 can be use on the simplest or the most complex jobs your shop faces day in and day out.